Where do you shop?

1. Real Life Situation

I get pocket money each week. I can decide to buy some things for myself or save my money to buy a big thing for myself. Last year I saved all my money to buy a new bicycle for myself. This year I have decided to spend all my money every week. This week I bought some sweets, a magazine and on Friday I am going to the cinema with my friends.

But I have a dilemma, next month it is my big sister’s birthday. Last year she bought me a new radio for my birthday which I like a lot. I want to buy something nice for my sister but it will cost a lot of money. My sister likes weird stuff; she is really interested in the environment and does not like things that cause pollution. Hmmmm...what can I buy her that is not too expensive and helps the environment. I will ask some friends for advice. Maybe my grandparents will have some good ideas, they are always saying how much better it was in their childhood!

I get “pocket money” each week. It is my decision what I buy with it. I can decide if I want to buy present for a member of my family or a friend, buy something bigger for myself or just buy drink and food or go to movie.

2. Introduction

c5 image 1This quest investigates the changing nature of shopping, from local stores to high street chains and the growth of the internet as an option. You will also look at the impact of these changes on local areas.












3. Task

Where do you buy certain items?
Which shops cost more and why?
How do shopping habit impact on the local area?

To carry out a survey of the shopping habits of family members.
To investigate the different prices for items at different shops.
To consider the impact of different shopping habits on a local area.

4. Activities

Activity 1: Shopping Habits Survey
Activity 2: To Buy or Not to Buy
Activity 3: The Great Supermarket Debate

 Activity 1: Shopping Habits Survey

You are going to carry out a survey to investigate where members of your family shop and how often they shop in those places.


Take the Shopping Habits Survey sheet home, you are going to use the sheet to investigate the shopping habits of your family members.

You should write on the sheet information about who you asked and where they shop. An example has been given on the sheet for you. Try to ask a range of family members to get lots of information

Look at your completed survey sheet;

How many people did you ask?

How many different locations did they shop in?

Look at the surveys that your classmates filled in, did they get the same results as you? If they were different, what was different?

 Activity 2: To Buy or Not to Buy

In this activity you will find out how much different items cost from different shops

Use this price comparison table to compare the prices of different items.
Some items are already on the table for you, you will need to ask your teacher what chocolate bar you will be investigating the price of. There are also three blank spaces in the table, think of three items you would like to compare the price of and add them in.

You need to get prices from at least three different sources; a local shop, a chain shop in a shopping centre and on the internet. In the table you need to write the name of the shop and how much the item cost.

Once you have collected all the information answer the questions below, you will need to wait until you are back in class before answering the third question.

Where would you buy each product from? (Circle the Shop)

Why are there prices different at each of the sources?

Who found the best prices?

 Activity 3: The Great supermarket debate

The Supermarket giant BUYIT is planning to build a new supermarket in the local town. 

You will need to work in 5 groups and you will need to decide which group will take on which role from the following list (your teacher can help with this or may choose to allocate the roles).

Each group should take on one role from the following list:

1.    Buyer
2.    Local shop owner
3.    Internet retailer
4.    Out of town shop owner
5.    Supermarket

You are going to debate how this new supermarket will impact on the 5 roles.

Things to think about:

•    Is this new supermarket good for you?
•    Is the new supermarket bad for you?
•    Who will benefit or lose out from the new supermarket?
•    How will the environment be impacted?

Once you have discussed this in your group you will need to mix the groups so that there is one person representing each role in each group.

Carry out the debate about how this new supermarket will impact you.

Be prepared to demonstrate the role play to the rest of the class.

5. Reflection

Write down three things you have learnt about where people shop.

Write down two things you would like to find out more about.

Choose one of these things, how could you find out more about it?

Consumption learning wall

6. Conclusion

In this webquest you have investigated peoples shopping habits and the cost of items from different shops. Using this information you have performed a debate thinking about the impact of a supermarket being built. What did you decide?

7. Teacher notes

Age - 8-12

Time total - 120mins

Curriculum / Subject (cross-curricular links):



Explain the different ways that goods can be purchased.
Assess the impact of different ways of shopping.
Make choices about where they like to shop.
Present opinions about choices of where to shop.

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