How do people travel when they go on holiday?

1. Real Life Situation

I have to go to school every day, some things I cannot change! My house is close to school so it is only a 5 minute walk. My friend Sammy lives next door but she is driven to school, I think she is quite lazy! When I arrive at school I often wait for my friends who travel on the school bus. Then we all go to our classroom together. Guess what...all the teachers come by their own car. I want a Porsche when I am old enough.

After school there are lots of clubs and sports I can do. My favourite is football. We practice twice per week. When we have finished I am tired and sometimes wish someone would drive me home instead of walking. On Saturday we have a football match against another school. Sometimes we have to travel many miles to play a game. I am lucky because we travel by car, it is a big one so I have lots of space to sleep on the way back home.

2. Introduction

transport introduction

You’re going on a holiday. This year you will be going to France for 14 days. Your holiday starts in Paris. How will you get to Paris? You have several options. Paris has an international airport and multiple railway stations. There are also several long distance buses from the UK to Paris. If you go by car you can opt for the fast track and follow the motorways or take the smaller local roads. You might even go to Paris by bike.





3. Task

transport task

During this web quest you will learn more about holidays and making choices that consider the environment. You will design your own eco friendly holiday. As a starter, you will discuss with your class where everybody went on holiday and which form of transport they used to reach their destination. After that, you will choose which form of transport is the best to get to your holiday destination and what kind of activities you can do during your holiday while considering the environment.

To plan a holiday you will first look at different forms of transport and which option is best for the environment. To prepare yourself for plan you will talk with a travel agent and find out more information on eco friendly holidays.




4. Activities

Activity 1: Where did you go?
Activity 2: How do I go from here?
Activity 3:The eco friendly travel agency

 Activity 1: Where did you go?

Write down on the board where you went and which form of transport you used.
Which form of transport was most popular? And which destination?

 Activity 2: How do I go from here?

Choose who you want to be and fill in the worksheet for this person. 

father marcFather Marc: He is very concerned about the environment and will opt for travel which has the lowest impact on the environment.





mother joanneMum Joanne: Feels that they do not have enough money. The cheaper the travel, the better.





big brotherBig brother Jason: He doesn’t mind how he gets there as long as his holiday is an adventure and he doesn't have to travel for too long.





a)    Decide as a group which role you will take. Depending on who you are, decide which form of transport is best and why.

This means you have to focus on how environmentally friendly it is , the price  and how quick the transport is.
Fill in the worksheet  using this website.
Fill in the table first and then write down your arguments about which would be the best form of transport below.

 Activity 3:  The eco friendly travel agency

Nowadays, most people have enough money to go abroad for their holiday, sometimes even several times a year. You have a lot of different choices: where to go, how you want to travel and what you want to do during your holiday. You’re going to design a holiday for people who are like Marc.

1.    Prepare an interview with a local travel agency. What would you like to know? For instance; what are the most popular destinations or do most people book a package holiday or just the hotel on its own and arrange the travel separately.

Since you have to design an eco friendly holiday you need to know more about this. Ask them what an eco-friendly holiday is and if they have holiday trips in which environmental friendly choices play a role. What are the differences between these trips and standard trips?
(traveling but also on site). To prepare yourself for your interview read more about what eco-friendly actually means.

2.    Make a list explaining all the different options for going on an environmentally friendly holiday. You can also find information on eco-holidays, eco-friendly day outs in your own country

3.     Now you will be the travel agent. What do you find important? Going abroad to discover amazing countries far away or just being outside, away from school?

Design your own environmentally friendly holiday for four days. Use your list to help you with the design. The choice is up to you: plan eco friendly activities, will the guests sleep in a tent or a four star hotel, which country will the holiday be in and how will they get there?
Have a look at the site and choose where you would like to go. Read the chapter about 'How this holiday makes a difference' to see why the trip is eco friendly.

5. Reflection

Write down three things you have learnt about how people travel when they go on holiday.

Write down two things you would like to find out more about.

Choose one of these things, how could you find out more about it?

Transportation learning wall

6. Conclusion

You have planned an eco friendly holiday. But how many people actually go on holidays like this? If you have some remaining time you can create an awareness campaign.

Design a poster in which you show your holiday with a drawing and a slogan. Greenpeace and the WWF have nice examples. Slogans will help people remember a brand. The words 'Just do it' belong to Nike and everybody recognises their logo. Coca cola uses 'The real thing' and Nokia has the slogan 'Connecting people'.

7. Teacher notes

Age: 8 -12

Activity 1: Where did you go? (10 minutes)
Activity 2: How do I go from here? (30 minutes)
Activity 3: The eco friendly travel agency (80 minutes)

Curriculum / Subject (cross-curricular links):

Learning objectives:

By the end of the quest students will:
Write down arguments which support a decision
Understand a CO2 emission diagram
Prepare and carry out an interview
Select information from different sources
Design an eco friendly holiday


Supporting Information

Teacher assesment framework


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